Samsung releases the world’s first 5G smartphone with quantum security

The Galaxy A Quantum 5G

The Galaxy A Quantum, a rebrand of the Galaxy A71 5G, one of Samsung’s popular mid-range handsets, was released in South Korea on May 22.

The smartphone includes a quantum random number generator (QRNG) chipset made in cooperation with Samsung and SK Telecom’s (South Korea’s largest mobile carrier) Switzerland-based ID Quantique. Random numbers are an essential part of many security systems, but they are not entirely random, making them vulnerable to hacks.

How it works is the QRNG chipset, the world’s smallest of its kind, contains a light-emitting diode and image sensor. ID Quantique explains that thanks to quantum noise, the LED emits a random number of photons. These are captured and counted by the image sensor’s pixels, providing a series of random numbers that are fed to a random bit generator algorithm.

How the chipset works. Credit: ID Quantine

The technology will help add stronger two-factor authentication (2FA), offering a quantum one-time password. The password will be able to be used for Initial, a blockchain-based e-certification service which can be used for storing important documents such as graduation certificates and insurance claims, as well as SK Telecom apps including their payments app, which also uses blockchain technology for added security.

SK Telecom claims that by pairing the system with a compatible online service, the connection is unhackable. The technology only works with the company’s services at the moment, though they have said that they intend to expand quantum security by integrating QRNGs into more devices and networks.

The Galaxy A Quantum went on sale on May 22 in South Korea for KRW649,000 (around US$530). There is no news yet as of when it will launch in other regions.

Parts adapted from: TechSpot

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